Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Art Recipe Wednesday: One-of-a-Kind (of course!)

Hi there friends it's me again!
I hope you've enjoyed the projects from our great CT Members - Carole and Linda:) Aren't they amazing? Just as a reminder - you can easily find them again if you will subscribe to our Pinterest Wall - all the Creative Team projects and much more inspiration from these talented ladies is waiting for you there!

And today is my turn - I've decided to put myself into schedule (and with my sense of controlled chaos it may be big challenge!) and post new Art Recipe for you every Wednesday... Good plan? I hope you like them and projects I'm making for you will give you a hint of inspiration!

Today I've got a scrapbook page named roughly "One-of-a-Kind" - and I'm thinking about Andrew, my hubby, who else?

You will be surprised to know what was the source of the inspiration  - deep, deep in all the layers there is a secret thing hidden: an old broken string from his favorite toy - electric guitar. As he knows that he's not allowed to throw away ANYTHING made of metal without my permission he passed it to me together with the packaging he had left from thing out the new one...and this is how the story started!

If you will take a closer look you will find both the string and the white and red packaging - but this is not all - next to typical Prima embellishments such as beautiful trim, some washi tape, Mechanicals - Roses or Light Bulbs (Junkyard Findings) I was able to fit some elements, from radio, instant coffee leftovers, can opener, pieces of string in 3 colors and a tag from the store. Can you also see 3D Foam Squares? I guess using them as embellishments is my new addiction. Oh well.
I have to admit - using findings, little bits from my "rubbish boxes" together with paints and some pretty "branded" pieces is my favorite way of creating. I can't resist the beauty of rusted metal, histories hidden in the piles of old buttons or old book pages...

Colors were totally inspired by the palette of the string packaging and  kraft tag: although reds, pinks and browns are not typically "masculine" colors I think I managed well: the final effect is a marriage of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso, tea stain, Primary Elements mixed with water and some Izinks in shades of Gold, Pink (!) and Red. There were some black final touches added of course - some stamping and some splashes of Indian Ink, but in general page is in nice warm tones... and he didn't complain when he saw it!
Ok - time for more details!

Here is the list of the supplies I used to create this page and short step-by-step:

1. I started the whole project on the plain white page (there is something magical about them, I think!) applying couple of layers of Art Basics Heavy Gesso  - mostly around the place I wanted to put my composition. It added a bit of texture and more warm white color. As gesso is a primer, slightly resistant to water based sprays colors of them on the area covered with gesso will be lighter than on the naked white paper. (you can read more about Gesso here)

2. When the Gesso was dry I took Prima Elementals Honeycomb Stencil (12x12'' size) and sprayed Tea Stain and Primary Elements mixed with water to get nice, red and brown background pattern. I dried it all and started layering  in the place I wanted to use the photo: I used some masking tape for nice, warm, semi transparent texture and 2 kinds of Washi Tape - TH Tissue Tape with Music Notes and Washi with pretty abstract red flowers (love!!!).

3. Next step was building the layers under the photo: old papers I had in my collection together with string packaging, kraft tag, random pieces of ripped canvas, a bit of white and kraft trim... I used craft glue and staples to put it all together and finally mounted it all on the background with 3D Foam Squares (Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L) - some of them I also used as embellishments on the page!

4. Finally it was time for embellishing: I added all the bits add bobs I was able to sot on my table including pieces of colorful strings (one styled in a nice looking bundle!), metal guitar string, pebbles with vintage texts, metal rose, light bulb, tin opener, pieces from old radio... just name it! Again - i used my craft glue and also smaller version of 3D Foam Squares. 

5. When everything was put together it was a moment for adding more color: I carefully sprayed a bit of Garnet and Black Orchid Primary Elements with water in the middle of the project (covering the photo with paper towel!) and made it run a bit adding a hint of Tea Stain. When the project was dry I added a bit of stamping around my composition for the extra contrast - it was Prima Vintage Vanity Honeycomb Stamp together with Jet Black Archival Ink.

6. Finally I added some more color using Izinks (acrylic pigment inks) - I applied them on my pebbles, metal embellishments and watered them a bit with water mister, if needed. To finish I put my paintbrush into them and added some colorful splashes. I repeated the same step with Black Indian Ink - for extra contrast. Voila!

Here is the list of products fro our Mixed Media Place Online Store:

I hope you enjoyed - and maybe you will try similar solutions yourselves? 
Fingers crossed for you!

But before I finish I have one more announcement:

Have you ever wanted to have "a piece of Finnabair" somewhere at home? Collage, card... or maybe something more useful as Tote Bag for your shopping, a mug or pillow? Or... a mobile/tablet/laptop skin or case? Now it is possible - here it is - at Society6!

Listening to your requests, hints and suggestions I decided to start my first ever online shop where you can buy items with prints of my projects - and to be honest I'm very excited to see how popular they got just in the first days after opening the shop! Than you so much!

Great news is - from now to Sunday there is FREE Worldwide Shipping - so you can save a lot! How great is that? I hope you will pop in and check it - and maybe follow the store for the future... :)
What do you think about the idea?

Wishing you all a great creative week

Monday, September 15, 2014

Friends Who Love Art

Hello, Friends!
Let's say a warm welcome to another member of my Creative Team!
I've been a fan of Linda's art for a while now - admiring her endless creativity and positive energy she shares with the world...
And she's a girl after my own heart - altered objects? vintage photos? a sense of humor? Yes, yes and yes! I really had to have her join my Team! :)

Hi, everyone!
I started out as a watercolor artist years ago, but when I found stamp, inks, and altered arts, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven!
Vintage photos and found objects get my pulse racing. Three dimensional altered art is probably where I get totally lost in the design, but journaling has become another love I share with this fantastic Creative Team.
My blog header says it all: "There is nothing more fun than having Friends who love ART."

Today, I’m thrilled to be sharing my Altered Clock from Finnabair with all of you.

If you'd like to create your own altered frame - here's my tutorial - hope you'll feel inspired!

I started with the back. Since these are all new products to me, I thought that was a safer place to begin. After removing the back, I painted parts with Heavy White Gesso. Then, I added a swath of Copper CrackleTexture Paste with a palette knife.

(All the new products are explained in great detail on these links to Finnabairs’s blog: Art Basics, Art Ingredients, Art ExtraVagance.)

When the crackle was dry, I used Fresco Paints to add various blues to the white gessoed areas. I also added some Distress Inks in the cracks of the crackle and the edges of the blue paint.

Then I stamped the Fishnet Clear Stamp randomly with black Archival Ink. Heatset.

Finally, I added stenciling with the Prima Flourish stencil using a foam square and black Archival Ink.

Now, onto the outside of the clock, I painted Heavy White Gesso in a splotchy pattern around the clock. Then, I added more Fresco Paints in the turquoise family. When dry, I used a sponge brush to add Copper Crackle Paste blending the edges with the blue paint. Let it dry or use a heat tool.

Next, add the Threading stamp around the clock with both black and coffee Archival ink. Don’t put the stamp on a block, just roll it here and there stamping a small portion of the stamp.

Using the back of your clock, trace it onto the White Resist Canvas-Scales and cut out. Glue to the back with Soft Matte Gel. Add Distress inks in orange and yellow to the canvas area. Note the “resist” area will not take the color. This is so cool!

Stamp a background using Stamps and Adverts and Adverts with black archival ink.

I added a bit of Heavy Black Gesso to the Large Clockface and the edges of 2 wooden blocks. The blocks will be your base for the picture of the children. Then, I spread some Soft Gel around the circle and sprinkled a bit of Luminousand Ebony and Ivory Glitter into it.

The next step is to put together the collage inside your clock. I used the picture of the children from Found Relatives by Tim Holtz and edged it with a pen. The medium size Bottlecap is filled with Soft Matte Gel and filled with Plum, Licorice and Zinc Glass Beads. These are so gorgeous!!! I used Mini Flowers, a Washer #1, and a Numeral 5 as well that I glued on with 3D MatteGel. This stuff REALLY is great for gluing heavier pieces.

I picked out some Prima flowers and leaves to add to the outside. They seemed to want to be sprinkled with something….so I broke out the Art Sugar! I used a small brush to add some Soft MatteGel and then dipped them into the jar. Shake them off a bit and you’re done!

The outside is decorated with Mechanicals and some small Junkyard Findings and a Lady Bird Butterfly.  I also added a bit of Black Sand Texture Paste just to see how it worked.

Add your collection of little flowers to the front with 3D Matte Gel, tie a tattered and torn piece of black tulle around the top, and you are DONE!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. I’ll see you back here again next month….big hugs!


If you feel inspired by today's tutorial and feel like getting to know Linda better, you can visit her blog to see more of her amazing Art, say a friendly hello on facebook or follow her on instagram.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Muscle of the Soul

Hello, Friends!
A couple of days ago I came across this great quote by Vladimir Nabokov:

"Imagination is the muscle of the soul."

My thoughts exactly. :)
And also one of the reasons why I love teaching art classes so much - not only do I teach, but I also learn A LOT from my students.
And it never gets boring - seeing how people express my themes and ideas in their own personal way gives me a lot of inspiration and totally makes my "soul muscle"grow. :)

Today I'd like to show you a couple of samples from my Imagine class.
I love the limited palette we are using and all the layers and small embellishments that create a sort of a fairytale atmosphere...

And one more canvas - I just love playing with light & shadow:

And here are some of my favorite supplies that we use during my Imagine classes:

If you'd like to experience the atmosphere of my classes, here is the list of the upcoming events.
You can read more about them by clicking on each of the pictures.
                                                                                                                       {more info soon}

I hope I'll see you there and we'll create some great art together!
Have a great weekend