Friday, 24 June 2016

Lucky 13

Happy Creative Friday, Friends!
Athanasia has a beautiful mixed media treat to inspire us all! Whether you believe in luck or not, you will certainly feel like playing with paints and media after you see her new art canvas. :)

They say that 13 is an unlucky number. But what if we could define our own luck, stop being superstitious (I never was or will be, that's for sure) and decide to take chances even from things we never believed we could and even more it the end number 13 would be a lucky number?

Well, today's project is not about number 13, it's about being optimistic, taking risks and creating our own luck! :)

I was really in such a pleasant mood when I was creating this project and I think this mood shows up in the final result. I wanted to use bright colors that make me happy and what would fit better than the beautiful combinations of blue, pink, yellow and green of the Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints?

I painted everything with all these beautiful colors, even the metal embellishments like this cute Mechanical Butterfly and the front part of an old hand-watch I had in my stash.

Before I glued down the watch, I filled it with different Art Ingredients like the Art Stones and Mini Art Stones (I so love them!) and Bronze Micro Beads. Then I used 3D Gloss Gel to glue the watch on the canvas and make sure it won't go anywhere! ;)

I used my Silicone Brush to apply different texture pastes (all links below) and create an interesting textured background...

To make it even more cute, I used Jump Rings to hang some trinkets like a tassel, Roman Numerals (which actually are numbers 10 and 3 :) ), a gear and the title I made from a 7Dots Studio sticker.

Here is my video with the whole process. I hope you will enjoy it and get some ideas on how to create your own lucky piece of art.

Thank you for visiting.
Have a lovely crafty weekend!

Materials used:

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Old Trunk Makeover - Big Scale Altering ;)

Hi again, my dear ones.
I'm back and I've got something not usual for you today.
As some of you know - we've moved into old, (I mean REALLY) old house last December and in the last months we were unpacking, getting settled, converting the garage into a studio and moving my boxes, carts, shelves into the final destination. We were also trying to take care of the garden, dogs, cat and live normal lives - which I had to accept is not possible for us at all. Nothing is normal or usual in my life and that is the way it has to be. Well, let's adjust the sails and go through the storm!
If you'd like to see some snapshots from our private, everyday life - here they are on our Instagram account - @innisfail_house. We won't flood you with foodporn, photos of feet or tons of selfies, I promise ;)

One of the things about the old houses is they need love and attention. We are ready for this challenge - and I hope our enthusiasm won't cool off too early ;) We've already fought with a leak, peeling paint, snail and wild pigeon invasion on our garden... and let's not forget the constant battle with tons of elements which are waiting to finally get in the right place!

One of them is this old, very damaged trunk, which we bought about 2 years ago and used in our previous home as DVD player and mini home-theatre storage. Andrew added some basic shelves to it and all our speakers fit inside perfectly! I love second hand furniture and home decor shopping, so no wonder this tattered beauty was on my list!
This is not strictly mixed-media project... but I hope it will give you some inspiration and ideas too :)

Of course - it was not possible to keep it as it was - it was too dark for our living room and far too damaged to suit our needs - it was high time to give it a proper makeover!
I started with a good coat of Chalk Paint - inside and outside - to give me a base and also follow the colour palette I had on my mind. (I used Annie Sloan Old White Chalk Paint).  The change was dramatic.

Next, when it was all dry, I started to work with sanding paper and blocks to reveal and accent all the beautiful, metal details - there was a lot eye-catching rust and patina on it - and I wanted to see it again!

After that I decorated the front of the trunk with elements I've made using Prima IOD Designs Vintage Art Decor Moulds and some plaster - I wanted to cover not the prettiest round hole someone made just on the front and add a bit of sophisticated charm to the project.
Guess what? My Art Basics Modeling Paste was a perfect gluing choice - white, strong and flexible. Score!

When everything was dry I could start working on the finishing touches... which cost me a bit of sweat, I have to say! I used a combination of Clear and Dark finishing Wax (Annie Sloan again) making sure all the beautiful details will be visible. I loved the effect - and so did Andrew :)

Some details for you - I love how dark wax helps to show all the beautiful textures...

And here is the reason for the whole makeover - it is going to stand next to my quite decorated fireplace, which got it's makeover in December. I didn't want to over decorate it - as it is going to be in a company of a very detailed statement piece and a bookcase cluttered with my projects, findings and collection of old cameras, books, photos and... and... more...

Here are the items I used for this makeover - I hope it helps!

Sending love - and asking - would you like to see more of the home-decor posts in the future?
Please let me know :) I still have couple of things to alter ;)

Monday, 20 June 2016

Move Me

Happy Monday, Lovely Readers!
Get ready for cuteness overload! And some fantastic mixed media art of course. :)
Irina is starting the week with one of her amazing layouts + a step by step video. Heart melting and incredibly inspiring! Enjoy...

Hello, it's Irina here!
I'd like to show you my new layout. It's about my favorite boys: my son and my husband. :)
They really inspire me and this layout is dedicated to one of our walks. My son loves to walk and in particular to sit on his Daddy's arms from where he can see everything! And as you can see, this is very interesting for him. I really wanted to capture these moments forever...

The base of my layout is a beautiful piece of scrapbooking paper from 7 Dots Studio Verano Azur collection.
As I love round shapes, I immediately had the idea to cut out my photos as circles. The shape is also repeated with a Mechanical gear and 'Move Me' stamp.

As for the background, I used a wide variety of media: Clear Gesso, alcohol inks, paper tapes, acrylic paints, Modeling Paste with a stencil. You will see everything step by step in the video below.
And of course, one of my favorite techniques - the addition of stamps!

The title for my layout is hand lettering and speaking of hands... I couldn't resist to show you the cutest hand in the world reviewing my new piece! ;)

Here is my video in which you will see the whole creative process. Enjoy!

Have a creative week!

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