Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Inspired by Art Alchemy and Art Stones - a bit of Magic!

Hi there!
You can't even imagine how many things is going on in one time now - but let me tell you more about that in my next blogpost, during this weekend! I've just come back from Frankfurt and my most important goal is to get organised and finally settled... but it looks like the task is not easy!

In the meantime - I've got some videos for you - and a big treat - Finnabair Creative Team Art Recipe on Prima blog. 

All the beautiful projects you can see below were inspired by romantic and sweet colour palette and set of new products: Art Alchemy Paints and new Art Ingredients - Art Stones and Mini art Stones. You can learn more about these new, exciting products from short videos I've made for Scrapbook Expo during Winter CHA in Aneheim this year.

Check out more info and creative tips on Prima Blog - here!

So, let me tell you more about the products, which were the inspiration for these amazing projects...

What are Art Stones?
These little guys are white, light-weight, tiny stones which change your acrylic paints, gesso or Art Basics gels and pastes into customized products. You can simply add to the base of your choice, mix and apply on the project with a palette knife, texture tool, sponge or brush - and this custom mix dries quickly, adding great coarse texture effect. You can also glue it directly to the project using any of our Art Basics as an adhesive, if you prefer. Texture Powder is also a member of this family:White, delicate texture powder which will change your acrylic paints, gesso or Art Basics gels and pastes into customized products such as texture pastes or dimensional, coarse paints!

Here is the video with some ideas - check it out!

My next art babies are beautiful, shiny Art Alchemy acrylic paints, which come in 2 variations:
Metallique and Opal Magic.

Both of them are great quality acrylic paints. Metallique line is rich in color and shimmer and permanent after drying. Great for artistic and decorative use - giving really good coverage, working more like glaze if applied as a thin coat and giving full colour if applied in thicker layer.

Art Alchemy Opal Magic Paints are a bit of real magic in the jar!
This great quality, unique two-tone iridescent effect acrylic paint, is changing tone from different angles - which gives you amazing different effects on dark and light backgrounds... check out this video for more info!

Would you like to see more of the colour combinations? Our lovely CT Memeber, Gayle, published this photo on her Instagram account :) Amazing, huh?

Make sure you will come back here on Friday to see next amazing tutorial by my Creative Team - and if you'd like to be up to date with everything you can follow me on my official FB page too!
sending warmest hugs

Monday, 8 February 2016

Wheel of Fortune

Hello, dear Friends!
I hope you're having a great Monday and that you're beginning the week with new creative powers! :)
You can always count on my Team to make your creative juices flow.
Today it's time for Olga's breathtaking visual poetry! Enjoy...

Time is a loop. The story of one man influences the life of another. And the wheel of fortune makes them look either into the abyss or into the stars. These thoughts and the new amazing collection from Finnabair were my inspiration for this piece.

As the base of my work I chose the back side of a stretched canvas panel.
To start the background I glued down some monochromatic paper with scientific patterns both inside and along the wooden frames using 3D Gel.

Then I painted the edges with Black Gesso and applied a thin and irregular coat of the mentioned medium over the paper. This step resulted in a more even look and prepared the paper for painting.
I used a sanding block to tatter the edges and smooth the surface.

Then I had the pleasure to play a bit with the amazing new Art Alchemy acrylic paints. They are shimmery and transparent while their colours are so versatile.
I used Light Patina, Rich Torquoise and Steampunk Copper which I applied with my finger to obtain a messy effect. The dark background wonderfully exposed and emphasized the properties of acrylics.

To start working on the focal arrangement, I glued portraits from a vintage photo under new Finnabair's Art Pebbles.
I used 3D Gel which dries transparent and once dried, I trimed the excess of the photo underneath.

Then I arranged the composition of gears from new Rustic collection of Mechanicals.
I have to admit that they look as if they really were changed by the passage of time...
To emphasize the focal elements I glued down a central star from Barn kit and a few Mini Stars, all of them from the latest collection.

At the bottom I fixed rusty nails and finished the piece with two screws in the corners from Mini Hardware set of Mechanicals.

To add some highlights of patina, I brushed with a light hand some gears and stars using blue shades of Art Alchemy paints.
As the final step, I splashed the canvas with tea to create interesting stains that perfectly imitate this time-worn effect that I never get enough of.
Here are some details:

Have a wonderful, artsy week!

Materials used:

Friday, 5 February 2016

Out Of The Woods

Hello, dear Friends!
I'm so thrilled to be seeing my Creative Team inspired by my newly released products!
Today we meet with Denisa who (just like Marta last Monday) created an art journal spread having art fun with my new Art Alchemy acrylic paints. Just take a look at this beauty...

Hello dear crafters, it´s Denisa here today.
Do you love colours as much as I do? I´m sure you do. Never knowing what  colour to choose for your project? If that´s your case, here´s my suggestion.

First, I have to say I´m absolutely blown away by Finnabair´s brand new Art Alchemy acrylic paints (available soon).
They come in two types: opal magic and metallique ones. Besides the super shine and shades you achieve, there´s one more thing I totally love about them. They´re semi opaque when applied in a thin layer. That means you can use one on another to get a super layered multi colour glaze. Kind of a mysterious look. Just the right thing for my vintage journaling.

Here´s what I did to get the desired background:
First I applied an even coat of White Gesso using the awesome silicone brush. Love the smooth look you get. No doubt this tool´s gonna be my superstar! If you'd like to know more about Finnabair's new brushes - watch this video!
When dry, I did some random stamping with black Archival ink.
Then I started playing with the new acrylics. I applied various shades using my palette knife. First I add Metallique Light Patina. When dry I went on with Copper Texture Paste. The next layer was Metallique Steampunk Copper. I let it dry. Then Opal Magic Blue Pink and just a bit of Metallique Dark Velvet. When dry I added Opal Magic Violet Gold and as the last one Metallique Light Patina again.

When I was applying the coats, I was also wiping out a bit of acrylics with a wet baby wipe. Just here and there. Then I did some random stamping again.

I built the cluster consisting of a vintage pic, old clock parts and new Mechanicals (a video to give you the idea :) ) Tin Hearts and Rustic Washers.
I did some more shading with Black Cherry and Snow Cone Gelato crayon. This way I minimized the shine a bit and achieved a kind of powdery look.

I glued on the printed sentiment: She was out of the woods. She knew the answer. 
For me the worst thing ever is to live in uncertainty. Knowing the way things are makes me feel safe.

You may notice that my art journal is so packed with my creative ideas that it´s very difficult to open  it wide. So my working space was pretty limited. But I managed. However, I can´t imagine my next art journaling in it. ;)

Hoping to get your creative juices going! Happy creating!

Materials used:

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Finnabair Full Time Demo from Creativeworld 2016 in Frankfurt!

Hi there creative people!
I've just came back from the show - Creativeworld in Frankfurt, where during the last days we had a chance to see many of you in person! I have to admit it is one of the best parts of attending shows like that: meeting friends you didn't see for a long time, students, wonderful shop owners, designers, manufacturers... and making new friends too! Shows are not only fun and inspirational but also intense - meetings, make-and-takes, demos... yes, all that happens during 4 days and if you are like me you'd like to see a bit of the show, so try to picture me running like crazy from one booth to another in the short breaks I had during my demo times ;)
Did I mention already I love my job? I really do - meeting so many people, having a chance to spread a word about Prima mixed-media line, my projects, website... this all is truly priceless!
Huge thanks to all of you who came to our Prima booth to see us, say hi, watch demo or simply take a photo or two. I appreciate it so much :)

Below you can see recording we made on Monday during live Periscope session which I did with huge help of lovely Riikka who was my mobile smooth operator :)
It is a full version of my demo - so you can see everything starting with Art Ingredients Texture Powder and Art Stones, then Art Basics - Heavy Body Gel and Brushes and finally - Art Alchemy Metallique and Opal Magic Acrylic Paints. I hope you will enjoy - I have to warn you though - this video is 50 minutes long, so maybe a cup of tea or coffee will be a good idea?

If you have any questions - please feel free to ask in the comments, I'll do my best to answer :)
Now I'm off to unpack and crash on my bed - believe me or not, these travels do suck a lot of energy out of people!
Sending warm hugs

Monday, 1 February 2016

Just Keep Going

Happy Friday, Everyone!
If you're following my blog, you must know that this time is very exciting for me as I can finally introduce all my latest products and see what my Creative Team comes up with using my new art babies. :)
Today we meet with Marta who created art journal wonders with my line of acrylic paints {available soon!}...

Hi guys,
It's Marta Lapkowska here.
Every month I am super excited to be back to you to share my new project, today is no different.
This month is super fun for the team as we are having a chance to experiment and try out brand new Finnabair products from Prima winter release.
I have to say I was super excited and curious when I saw Finnabair's new Art Alchemy acrylic paints! I knew I would be using them as my first choice.

Today I am back to my true love, back to journaling.

Visual journaling, art journaling... any sort of expression in a book or a journal is by far my most favourite way of creating. It was such a pleasure playing with texture and colour this time.
I made a short photo tutorial for you in which you can see how easy it was to create this page.

To create your background simply add some Modeling Paste through a chosen stencil, stick some lace while wet and colour it after drying. 

All you need is some journal or an old book where you can build your texture. Once this is done, get your hands on the paints and colour your pages.
It takes time with new products to get to know them well and to understand how they work. I must say I am in love with Finn's new acrylic paints, amazing colours, so vibrant and juicy... wonderful to blend in! I am pretty sure that those paints are gonna be in my top 10 used products this year.

I hope that my spread will encourage you to grab your book and do some journaling.
Remember, there is no good or bad in art journaling, no rules and no limits! Just CREATE & Enjoy!

Have fun. Love, Marta xx

Products used:

Friday, 29 January 2016

Deep Water

Happy Friday everyone!
Today we're presenting my metal phone frame altered by Irina. We hope this most magical project will make you want to create your own little world too.

Hello dear friends! Irina Honcharyk with you today!
I'd like to introduce to you a new project of mine. It is Finnabair's metal phone frame which I altered and turned into a marine inspired object. I love the sea, don't you?
The frame has this stunning vintage vibe that made me fall in love with it right away and I wanted to transform it into something truly magical...

Below you will find a video (in 2 parts) that I made for you so that you can see how I created my underwater piece. :)
Let me just say that I used lots of Art Basics products like Clear and White Gesso, Gel medium and also different kinds of Art Extravagance Pastes to add this special textured touch to my vintage frame. You will find the full list of products below.

Art Ingredients like Mica Powders, Glass Beads and Micro Beads helped me add these special delicate touches of magical texture. 
All the magical creatures come from 7Dots Studio Destination Unknown collection.
Here are some more details of my project:

Thank you for your attention! Stay creative and enjoy the video! :)

Materials used:

*   *   *
Just before we say goodbye and wish you all a beautiful creative weekend, we have the winner of my New Release Giveaway.
Thank you all so much for your sweet comments and kind words and for all the pinning of course! ;)

And the winner is..... drumroll.....

Congrats, Maja! Please email us at with your shipping address!
Thank you all my friends for joining the fun!