Monday, 24 October 2016

The New Finnabair Team Is Here!

My Friends...
the long awaited day has finally come! :) It's time to reveal my new Creative Team!
But before I do, please be a tiny bit more patient -
First of all, let's say a huge thank you to these 5 wonderful Artists who shared their Art on this blog and never stopped inspiring us all.
Dear Friends, a huge round of applause to:

When you click on their names above, you will be able to see all the beautiful posts with Art they created for the Team and enjoy them once again.

In case you missed the news, Linda and Marta have joined my special Brand Ambassadors group. I'm so thrilled to have these amazing girls by my side! You can read more about this incredible Team {here}.

Three Artists will continue their Finn Team journey and I'm really grateful and excited to have them here with us.

Choosing a new team is always a super hard job but this year it turned out to be the hardest ever.
We were showered with emails from all over the place - Cyprus to Sweden, Mexico, Argentina, Belarus, India, Italy... Old friends, new faces, so many dreamers passionate about Art... It was like an amazing artsy ride around the world. And a true privilege to 'meet' you all...

Thank you for all your kind words for me and my Team - it means a lot to us to know we keep inspiring you!
We were really impressed - never before have the applications been so good! And narrowing down to just 8 spots was extremely stressful and seemed impossible. The important thing is: please please don't give up! Perhaps the next term will be yours! I truly hope so! :)

And now it's time to say a proper welcome to the Fantastic Five!

John Creighton Petersen

1. From? I am a life long Seattle resident – love my trees, water and rain!
2. Always on my work table: craft mat, palette knives, brushes, heavy weight black gesso, beading mat and needles
3. Favorite color palette: This changes constantly but my 'go to' color palette is always black, silver and sapphire.
4. Favorite creations: It seems that almost everything I work on ends up being some sort of mix of collage and assemblage. I’m constantly challenging myself to try something new, whether it be in creating a book, home decor piece or jewelry.
5. I am inspired by: EVERYTHING around me – the colors of the sky in a sunrise, the texture in a rusted piece of metal, song lyrics, architecture, other artists.
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I become excited with the possibilities!
7. Cats or dogs? Dog – we are lucky to have Maddy in our life, a seven year old springer spaniel/boxer/pit mix who found us last year at the shelter. I can’t get enough of her puppy kisses and snoring at night.
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee, I’m from Seattle after all! Anyone who knows me can speak to my coffee obsession and knows that there is generally a cup of java nearby at most times.
9. Simple or messy? Controlled creative chaos, which is somewhere between simple and messy but not a hot mess.
10. I’m dreaming about: My next creative project! I’m naturally curious so there is always something creative going on in my mind.
You can meet John via his website, instagram, pinterest and make friends on facebook.

 Karolina Bukowska

1. From? Poland
2. Always on my work table: organised chaos - papers, glue, scissors, white gesso.
3. Favorite color palette: gold, brown, pink, turquoise, blue.
4. Favorite creations: altered art, canvases, scrapbooking layouts with a touch of mixed-media.
5. I am inspired by: life in general - nature, people, music, photography.
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I see possibilities.
7. Cats or dogs? Dogs
8. Tea or coffee? Coffee
9. Simple or messy? Messy
10. I'm dreaming about: Always being myself.

You can meet Karolina via her blog, instagram, pinterest, make friends on facebook and follow her youtube channel.
Kassa - Karen Hayselden

1. From: I'm a 'Yorkshire' tea drinking girl. :)
2. Always on my work table: Colors!
3. Favorite color palette: A kaleidoscope of ├╝ber brights.
4. Favorite creations: loose page creations as I can start them anytime-anywhere and finish them anytime-anywhere and I usually have 3 or 4 on the go at one time so I can give them time to breathe and grow....
5. I'm inspired by: happiness, patterns, lines, curves, Color...
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: My fingertips tingle - my brain starts to buzz - its happy time. :)
7. Cats or dogs? Dogs - but rude not to say that as I have 3 :) - 2 large breed Leonbergers - Leo & Ruby and Sammy the Pug...
8. Tea or coffee? STRONG Yorkshire tea always...
9. Simple or messy? Messy - but call me crazy - my messy is a highly organised precision messy! I drive myself nuts!
10. I'm dreaming about: Happy always...
You can meet Kassa via her blog, instagram, pinterest and make friends on facebook.

Marta Grochocka

1. From: Poland.
2. Always on my work table: sprays, fabric plaster, gesso, stencils.
3. Favorite color palette: blues & greens
4. Favorite creations: Oh, art journals of course!
5. I am inspired by: in no particular order: dreams, thoughts, feelings and emotions, books, music, nature, people, conversations, colors, shapes, textures.
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: I see a challenge. :) Or I quickly have a few ideas in my head how to fill it.
7. Cats or dogs? Cats. Ginger cats. ♥
8. Tea or coffee? Tea with lemon & sugar to relax, coffee with milk & sugar to work.
9. Simple or messy? Messy. :)
10. I'm dreaming about: Going back to Scotland one day... Just to smell the air again.
You can meet Marta via her blog, instagram, pinterest, make friends on facebook and follow her art on her youtube.

Sanda Reynolds

1. From? I am from Romania, but I live in London UK with my Irish husband.
2. Always on my work table: paints, brushes, sprays, heat gun, baby wipes, all sorts of mediums and pastes, fabrics and laces, in one word: pure chaos! :)
3. Favorite color palette: Love all colours, but teal, brown and gold is one of my favorite combos.
4. Favorite creations: Love collage, art journaling, assemblage, tags and cards.
5. I am inspired by: so many things... a walk in the park, sunshine, people, music, scraps of old laces and fabrics in a flea market, music, vintage photos, or just by the color of a jar of paint.
6. When I see a blank page/canvas: Can't wait to start working on it.
7. Cats or dogs? Definitely dogs... and cats. ­čśŐ
8. Tea or coffee? Mostly coffee, but love tea too.
9. Simple or messy? That's easy: terribly messy!
10. I'm dreaming about: Apart from good health, love and peace, I dream about a small cottage somewhere in Transylvania...
You can meet Sanda via her blog, instagram, pinterest, make friends on facebook and follow her art on her youtube.

So what do you think? :) Personally, I just can't wait what this new term brings...
I must tell you, all my Creative Teams so far were real Dream Teams and I'm feeling very very lucky and so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful talented and friendly people.
Let's give them all a huge round of applause, shall we? :)


Friday, 21 October 2016

A Spoonful of Art

Hello Friends!
Today we are saying goodbye to our lovely talented Irina whose creativity and countless ideas inspired us all so much. All her projects  had this special 'something' and today is no different. :)
This new artwork will make you want to grab your spoons.. ;)
Hello! Irina Honcharyk with you here today. I am glad to present my new project.
It is dedicated to Art in my life. Thanks to scrapbooking and mixed media I learned to see the beauty in the most ordinary things. And today my artwork's substrate is a spoon! Yes, a simple spoon that you can find in your own house, too. :)
So here it is: a combination of ordinary and artsy, a simply shape and rich textures, an everyday object and a piece of art at the same time.
I painted a spoon with Art Alchemy Black Berry acrylic paint on both sides. Maybe it doesn't look too special yet but then I added a paint of a different color - Light Patina. It was applied unevenly and it resulted in a worn, vintage look.
I used metal Mechanicals embellishments that I tied to the spoon with a wire.
And here you can see how the colors finally turned out.
Then I prepared some decorations by myself. I took a piece of gauze and white thread. I painted it with sprays in different colors matching the colors of acrylic paints I used.
I applied Clear Sculpture Medium to the gauze to give it a desired shape. Thanks to this medium, the fabric becomes hard and sculpture-like. You can read more about it {here}.
I glued it to the spoon with Heavy Body Gel.
I wanted to add some more decorations to make the spoon look a bit more interesting.
Using 3D Matte Gel I glued some Art Stones in different sizes.
Then I decided the Art Stones needed a little color and I covered them and my Mechanicals with alcohol inks.
The final touch was applying Art Ingredients like Art Sugar, Micro Beads and a teeny-tiny metal Tin Heart.
In my opinion, Art without the heart - it is just empty! :)
Now my Art Spoon stands on my desk and every time I will look at it, I will always smile and remember my time in Finnabair's Creative Team.
Unfortunately, this is my last project as part of the Finn Team... I am very happy to have been here - it truly is a dream team! I am extremely grateful to Anna and other designers who are all such wonderful, creative people and I'm really happy we could meet and create together!

Products used:

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Seashore Stories - notebook and some updates!

Hi again my dear friends!
First of all, here are some updates on what is really going on on my side :)
As always - a lot! I've just got back home from my classes in Budapest, where I was also lucky enough to spend 3 full days with my Mom, who decided to join me for this short trip - how great it was to see her after almost 15 months! We had the best time enjoying the beautiful city and chatting from early morning till late evening... she was even brave enough to be my student for 1 class! I guess you can imagine how exciting it was for me :)

Shortly after I was on my way to the UK, to teach in one of my favourite places: Art Workshops classes in Middlesbrough. We had a great, relaxed weekend and I really can't wait to be back in June for our HUGE event in Coventry - have you seen the flyer? It's going to be AMAZING!!! I can't believe how lucky I am to teach at the same event with my 2 Brand Ambassadors: Marta and France! This is going to be a pure blast (in 3 acts!). You can't miss it - bookings will open in November, so watch my space for updates :)

Finally - I'm on the last stage of going through the Creative Team Call entries. You can't imagine the torment I'm going through trying to narrow down the list - your emails and talent left me overwhelmed, humbled and proud in the same time. I am truly blessed to be able to live my dream and work with such a great group of people, sharing the love for art and creativity. Thank you for that! Please keep your fingers crossed for a little bit longer - we are really getting there!!!

Finally - I'd like to share one of my latest projects. Some of you who follow my Home Instagram Account know this August and September were just beautiful here in Ireland and Andrew and I were able to explore some of the most pleasant beaches of the West Coast, enjoying the weather, the sand, the wind and the ocean.
Of course, I HAD TO bring some of the treasures of the sea home - and not long ago I was finally able to put then in use to create this ocean inspired art notebook. As I really enjoy building my projects from scratch, I started with and old book cover, pieces of chipboard, fabric and Art Extravagance Graphite Texture Paste to get interesting eye-catching layers.

The main composition was of course based on the idea of using seashells I found this year - and I was looking for the right shape to start with. Finally, I decided to use one of the decors from Prima IOD Moulds - in combination with my Mechanicals, Art Ingredients Art Stones and Pebbles and shells I had waiting on my desk for weeks!

All the elements are staying securely in place thanks to my favourite Art Basics Heavy Body Gel I've used for gluing. I'm so happy about this product - it really makes building dimensional collage and assemblage so easy! Once you apply it the elements just sit in it, which makes building the project so much easier. How simple is that?
For the smaller and lighter elements I prefer Art Basics Soft Gel - often put into small, fine tip bottle. This time, I used it to add Art Stones - they imitate the sand perfectly!

Finally, the notebook cover was sprayed and painted with Art Alchemy Metallique Paints and Mica Powders mixed with Soft Gel. Final rusty touches were added as the last step - I'ver played with my Art Alchemy Rust Effect Paste Set to get natural looking, corroded structure. I'm quite happy with the final results - now I have a handy- size notebook or journal I can take with me for my next adventure... or maybe I'll keep it in my Studio? It will bring back lovely summer memories in the middle of the windy, wet Winter!

Here is the list of supplies I was using for this project. I hope that helps!

Make sure you will be back this Friday to check the last project from wonderful, talented Creative Team Member, Irina... and stay tuned for the results of the Creative Team Call - they will be revealed soon!
Sending hugs and good vibes your way