Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art Recipe Wednesday: Autumn Landscape or poetry of disintegration?

Hi my dear friends - I hope you had a great week.
I was as busy as always (looks like I'm a master of filling my time right to the top or even over!) - teaching classes, organizing next events and planning projects, posts and activities for the nearest future... including Art Recipe for Wednesday of course!

This time I decided to  go bolder both with texture and color creating something a bit more abstract. I know how careful I have to be doing that as I am a huge fan of negative space and organizing elements into nice looking piles, groups and clusters and there is a risk I won't really like the final effect if I will go too crazy. To avoid the problem I decided to focus just on 3 main colours of the project - deep pinks, brown and green - with a bit of gold on the top.

Autumn feeling? Yes, please!
For me Autumn is pure the abundance of texture and colour: green changing into browns, reds, oranges, yellows - and smell of grass, soil and leaves...

There's some majestic beauty in this ending of the Summer, fading glory, hint of nostalgia and poetry of disintegration. Somehow - I could see these subtle emotions in the photo of one of my husband's ancestors  and that's how this page happened. Very accurate, I believe.
Is it possible the older I get the stronger I can feel this "autumn's vibe"?

You can see I used 2 different stencils and Light Paste to create part of the texture in my project - I just love the spongy, marshmallow effect it creates! Other elements are findings from my table top: some gems, Art Ingredients - glass beads (surely the leftovers from the pendant madness I was posting last week) and random leftovers of chipboard, veil resist canvas and fabric tape. Somehow - all that put together and colored with sprays, watercolor pencils and a bit of Inka Gold was able to create interesting, rich in layers and tones journal spread. (And no black this time! How is it possible?)

Anyway - here is Art Recipe for Autumn Journal Page 
and simple step-by-step tutorial for you! 


1. I've started priming the pages of my old book journal with 2 coats of Art Basics Heavy White Gesso. I like its thick consistence - old paper does not crumple that much when you brush it on. I dried one coat with heating tool and continued with second one. It is great medium to work on - it prevents your inks, paints and any other mediums from soaking in your surface.

2.  When White Heavy Gesso was dry I used first, more bold stencil and applied Art Basics Light Paste with palette knife on the chosen parts of my pages. I started adding layers of fabric tape, canvas, lace and glass beads right away - Light Paste (as well as Soft Gels, 3D gels and Modleing Paste) works great as an adhesive.Wherever needed I was using Soft Gloss Gel in a precise tip bottle to add more elements.

3. I dried my Light Paste with heating tool - it turned into white, light, spongy texture which reminds me marshmallows. I decided to create custom rich gold version of my Light Paste and use it with other stencil, to create more rich, interesting effect. I took 2 scoops of Light Paste into small bowl and added a bit of Silks - Acrylic Glazes: Solar Gold and and Ginger Peach. After mixing the color was deep and the shimmer looked just beautiful in my custom paste! I added one more - gold - layer on my project and dried it with heating tool. I was ready for spraying...


4. This time I was giving a test to my new Lindy's Sprays (Rusty Lantern Green and Van Dyke Sepia) and a bit of my favorite Black Orchid Pigment mixed with water - but you can surely replace Lindy's with Wild Vine and Autumn Butternut and get very similar effects! I added my photo, some embellishments - a bit of crystals and cogs I found in one of my boxes and add some final spraying...

5. When the pages were dry I  wanted to add some finishing touches to the color: I used my watercolor pencils (Royal Talens) but I didn't  touch them with water at all. Adding a bit of color here and there was enough to add more balance to the page - I focused mostly on green and dark pink outlining the texture done with paste and stencil or adding more definition to the colors.

6. Finally I added the finishing sparkle to the page rubbing a bit of Inka Gold (Green and Gold) on my beads, lace and embellishments. After 5 minutes my journal page was ready!

Here are products from our Mixed Media Place Store listed for your convenience:

I hope  this page will inspire you a bit to play and create your own version of pastes and gels - and to play a bit more with texture and color!

Sending warm Autumn hugs

Monday, September 29, 2014

Let's Talk About Shoes!

Hello, Friends!
Today, I'd like you to meet Rebecca - the last (but certainly not least) member of my Creative Team.

I remember seeing Rebecca's artworks for the first time and thinking to myself that she is a walking definition of creative thinking. And when you add to that an eye for color and a true passion for art - well, that makes just THE perfect member of a Creative Team, right?
Oh, have I mentioned the sparkling personality? :)
So.... get ready to be absolutely amazed!

Hello Everyone,
I am so super excited to be sharing with you all my first project for the Finnabair Creative Team. 

Let's talk about shoes, who doesn't love shoes? Combine craft and shoes and now we have a winning combination. It is no secret, I am a bargain hunter from way back. Constantly I gravitate towards the words 'clearance' and 'special'. It is not always a benefit to be tall with large feet, however when it comes to a clearance rack size 10's are often left needing a loving home. Enter my new $5 pair of flats. 

These shoes were a blank canvas, asking for color and a bit of a spruce up, below you will see a before and after shot. 

As you can see in the below shot, Soft Gloss Gel will give your decoupaged shoes a beautiful lustre. 

Is anyone wondering whether or not these shoes will be ok if they get wet?
To answer, yes they will be fine.  As Soft Gloss Gel is water based it will be permanent after drying and will resist water. However, yes, there is a however.
It is not recommended you go outside in torrential rain or go jumping in puddles (really for the same reason you would not put your varnished furniture outside). Decoupaged shoes should be cleansed with a wet cloth, certainly not washed. 

My YouTube tutorial will show you step by step how to create a pair of arty shoes yourself.

Products Used

Would love to see you all give it a try. Please think twice before throwing out those old shoes, maybe they just need a little upcycling?

I wish you all a very happy and creative day.

~ Rebecca ~

Anyone who'd like to see more of Rebecca's creativity - head over to her blog for some truly beautiful art. You can also follow her art adventures on facebook.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

There Was Once an Old Woman...

Hello, everyone!
I hope you're having a wonderful creative weekend!
Today I'd  like to share with you a spread that I created in my friend's round robin art journal.

We were asked to create around the birds theme. It took me some time to figure out what I would do and initially, my concept was totally different. But a couple of days ago, I came across this text about an old woman and... this collage simply happened. :)

I also decided to experiment with some new stencils and Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays and I had enormous fun in the process!

The colors I used are: Moon Shadow Mist - Golden Doubloons, Van Dyke Sepia and Starburst - Time Travel Teal. Plus a touch of watercolor pencils and accents with a very soft black pencil and a Sharpie.

Supplies from Mixed Media Place:

As you probably know, I love being a storyteller and this is one of the reasons why I enjoy making collages so much.
And how would you finish the story about an old woman...? :)

Have a great weekend!